And The 50-year-old blue and white.
Ban Wang held a blue and white 50-year resident return The old version of the Network for Education.
The grants to fund educational activities of the school on April 13, 2557 at the latest.
The Muan Suen Ho joked with the participation of alumni models. The four villages with community 
The endowment fund of about 400,000 baht of teachers, students, school board, thank you.


Moral Development Project Ethics and personality Of teachers and educational personnel. 
School in a cave improve educational standards pose a big red bull. 28-29 March 2557
At Mountain Park Switzerland Resort District. Khao Kho. Phetchabun 

Opening Ceremony of the Games - athletics, student of the year 2556 "Game of the upper sheet 22". 

Of a school network Bua Daeng. Chaiyaphum

The school hosted a racetrack Wang Ban Phanom, Nong Ped (Memorial University). 

Dermatology and reward schools shells bang. A racetrack and a co-host. 


The Chief Executive of the offense to Mr Charlie affiliates, presided over. 

Start 23-27 December 2556.



 50-year Navy - Homecoming.
Si High School We invite all alumni Viewers participate in the charity fundraiser for the younger students.
April 13, 2557 to meet at the Old School House in Phayao.

  Chad KHEMPHET Director. Schools deliver 'Anuomtnabatr. Lau spoke to the wrong place 
On the occasion of the Nissan van. Wang home to schools In school activities

 Professor of theology from Taiwan in the wrong place, Lau spoke. 
Nissan gave the van. Wang home to schools In school activities

 Community of teachers, students welcome. Professor of theology from Taiwan in the wrong place, Lau spoke. 
They have given the Nissan van. Wang home to schools 

From the fair's Toe With the Nissan van Wang to school


The atmosphere in the Nissan van. Wang home to schools

Deputy Ken Chan, vice director of lightning. Mapping. Channel 1. Easy to open
Competition Exhibition academic  year 2556 at Wat Si
5-6-7 in August 2556 to develop a more rounded center position of the cave, the Red Bulls.
Si High School Invites you Forex Online

Children's Day 2557



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  • ข่าวสาร ติดตามข่าวสาร ประชาสัมพันธ์ ได้ที่นี่ !
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  • ประชาสัมพันธ์โรงเรียน
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